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All consultations are by appointment only. Normal consulting hours are between 9am to 12.15 in the morning and in the afternoon between 3pm to 5.15pm. Please note we are closed at weekends.

Our standard consultation time is 15 minutes. If you feel that you may require longer, please ask the receptionist when you are making your appointment.

While we have a number of doctors in our practice, we encourage patients to attend the same doctor where possible. We have both male and female doctors.

We do our best to offer routine appointments within 2 working days.

Emergency appointments

If you require a same day appointment, the receptionist will give you an emergency appointment. Emergency appointments however are normally only of 5 minutes duration and only cater for the emergency condition.

Please note:

  • We may not be able to offer a choice of doctor for emergency appointments.
  • Due to the variable and unpredictable numbers of emergencies, you may have to wait.
  • For out of hours services please contact Caredoc: 0818 300 365


Consultation process

When you come to our surgery, the Receptionist will register you and mark you as arrived in our system, she will then take payment if required and direct you to our waiting room. The doctor or Nurse will call your name when ready to see you and bring you to their consultation room where you can discuss in all privacy your situation.

If you have difficulty climbing the stairs, please inform the receptionist and you will be seen at ground floor level.

Some appointments require more time, for instance Smear Test, Baby Vaccinations or Employment medicals. You may also feel that you need a longer consultation to discuss your particular situation. Please advise the receptionist at time of booking appointment if you have any special requirements. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Repeat Prescriptions

If you require a repeat prescription, please call the surgery in the afternoon. Your prescription will normally be available within 48 Hours.

Order Prescriptions Here

Home Visit

If you are too ill to visit the surgery and you require a home visit, please contact the surgery, phone 0402 32418 before 10am, if possible. The doctor on call will talk to you to discuss the home visit.

If you live in Ireland and do not have a medical card or GP Visit Card, you are considered a private patient if you visit your family doctor (GP).

Our fee for a Doctor’s Consultation for private patients is €60


Nurse Fees

Nurse Consultation fee varies according to service provided.

We are happy to discuss level of fee in any individual case and in no circumstance would wish patients to miss out on essential treatment because of the cost of service.

Fees should normally be settled on day of your consultation unless by arrangement.


Services which are free to Private Patients

We provide certain services to private patients free of charge – for example, maternity and infant welfare services, childhood immunization and Cervical Check (National cervical screening programme). There are certain terms and conditions of these schemes. If unsure, please ask reception when booking your appointment.


General Medical Card

If you have a medical card, you can get certain health services free of charge and will have a capped prescription fee.

Doctor Visit Card

This card entitles you to Doctor Visit Only. You will have to pay for your prescriptions from the pharmacy.

Please see outline below of some of the services not covered with a Medical Card or GP Visit Card



Tel: (0402) 32418
Fax: (0402) 33717
Bradshaws Lane Surgery
Arklow, Co. Wicklow

Appointment Times
Morning 9am – 12.15pm
Afternoon 3pm – 5.15pm
Closed at Weekends.

To make an appointment
please phone, or call in person.

Out of Hours Caredoc
Tel: 0818 300 365

Caredoc is an emergency
service based in Arklow Health Centre run by a Co-Op of local GP’s.

Available by appointment only.